Hops and Xanthohumol

In addition to its shining contribution to the brewing process, hops have been used for medicinal purposes since medieval times. It is only at the beginning of the 20th century, however, that scientists isolated its active ingredient : xanthohumol.

Since then, scientific research has identified its numerous health enhancing properties and demonstrated xanthohumol’s many applications in boosting the body’s defences in the face of illness and the ravages of time.

Only the best hops produce significant amounts of xanthohumol. The most advanced horticultural research has now begun to focus on the selective breeding of hops strains that are outstandingly rich in xanthohumol.

A discovery that could change the world

XAN Hops Extract

After some 50 years of research on several continents, three scientists at the prestigious Technical University of Munich had a break-through : they manage to stabilise volatile xanthohumol in a natural process.

This involves the simple admixing of xanthohumol with roast malt extract. Finally, consumers can access xanthohumol’s extraordinary health-boosting properties. In order to deliver its health benefits, it is possible to add XAN Hops Extract to foods, beverages and dietary supplements.

XAN Hops Extract – the only natural method of stabilising xanthohumol – is patent protected in over 50 counties.

Stabilisation of Xanthohumol

The remarkable XAN Hops Extract is produced in a patented process by admixing xanthohumol with roast malt extract

  • XAN Hops Extract protects volatile xanthohumol from environmental influences such as heat and light – and this entirely thanks to its patented production process
  • XAN Hops Extract allows, for the first time, for the addition of xanthohumol to clear liquids, solid food and dietary supplements – a «first» after some 60 years of research worldwide
  • XAN Hops Extract unique production process significantly enhances the bio-availability of xanthohumol

The production of XAN Hops Extract requires only basic processing technology and is entirely scalable. Therefore, the supply of the patented XAN Hops Extract can be adapted to customer requirements and sourced locally.

Xanthohumol – tapping into nature’s riches


English scientists isolate xanthohumol as the active component of hops


on-going research into xanthohumol (decoding its structure, classification of its properties)


scientific proof of xanthohumol’s manifold health benefits


Professor Back at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, identifies the full scope of xanthohumol’s anti-oxidant effects. Xanthohumol is highly volatile and loses its health-boosting properties during processing – e.g. brewing


researchers at that same university finally come up with a method of stabilising xanthohumol. For the first time, it becomes possible to use XAN Hops Extract as a carrier for the health-enhancing active agent xanthohumol