The many uses of XAN Hops Extract

XAN Hops Extract can be added to any beverage or food product as well as to dietary supplements. The excellent bio-availability of XAN Hops Extract will ensure that consumers fully benefit from the health enhancing properties of the active ingredient xanthohumol.

The patented process to stabilize xanthohumol with roasted malt extract in XAN Hops Extract produces a component that can easily be integrated into common production processes. The ingredient withstands pasteurization (beverages), drying and freezing processes (solid foods) as well as inclusion in dietary supplements.

The various applications of XAN Hops Extract have been investigated extensively both in laboratories and with industry partners. The incorporation of the active ingredient has been successfully tested in alcohol-free beverages, beer, chocolate, sweets, cereals, bakery and dairy products as well as soft gels capsules.

XAN Hops Extract’s health benefits endow your products with a unique competitive advantage!


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