XAN Extract’s Xanthohumol boasts a large number of scientifically proven health benefits

Health professionals increasingly advocate a holistic approach to protect, promote and maintain health and well-being. There is a general consensus that many of modern society’s ailments can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

Significant damage is caused by free radicals. The best way to combat them is to consume antioxidant nutrients. Research has proven that Xanthohumol is a considerable fighter of free radicals. 

But XAN Extract with xanthohumol can do so much more. This potent ingredient protects the DNA, prevents the metabolic syndrome and enables healthy aging. In addition, it slows the spread of certain types of cancer, improves liver functions and fights inflammations. 

DNA protection has a direct and significant bearing on better health: 

  • Environmental factors and lifestyle choices all too often have a negative health impact 
  • DNA damages cause reduced tissue and organ performance, illness and lower life expectancy 

XAN Extract is extraordinarily effective in shielding DNA from potential harm. 

Disease prevention 

DNA damage is the cause of impaired well-being, illness and premature aging. XAN Extract, with its capacity to repair and protect the DNA, is a powerful ally in the fight against the most common environmental antagonist of fitness and health. 

Free radicals and oxidative stress – whether due to questionable lifestyle choices or external factors such as pollution, toxic waste or greenhouse gasses – have a direct negative impact on the body’s ability to regenerate healthy cells. This may compromise both the nervous and the cardiovascular system. DNA protection is the best shield to prevent the development of potentially life-threatening diseases. 

With age, cumulative DNA damage increases and thus the risk of cancer. XAN Extract not only combats DNA damage but also has the scientifically proven ability to encapsulate tumors. 

XAN Extract is the choice partner in the quest for life-long health and wellness. 

The term metabolic syndrome refers to the following dysfunctions which have become all too symptomatic of affluent societies: 

  • Obesity 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Diabetes 
  • Impaired metabolism 

DNA damages play a major role in these disorders. XAN Extract also affects specific enzymes which regulate the processing of sugars and fats as well as the cells’ energy supplies. As the only natural product, XAN extract significantly lowers blood sugar levels. XAN Extract helps as well to combat lifestyle diseases. 

XAN Extract with xanthohumol is one of the most powerful adjuncts to healthy aging: 

  • XAN Extract has – thanks to its antioxidant effect – an extraordinarily positive physical impact and slows the aging process 
  • Its DNA protective properties help prevent many of the afflictions associated with aging, such as diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system 
  • Because it strengthens our defences against the incidence and spread of certain types
    of cancer, XAN Extract contributes to harmonious aging 

XAN Extract: the healthy aging elixir. 

The research also points to additional health benefits:

XAN Extract has been shown to improve liver functions and thus body detox. The body’s own defence mechanisms are stimulated, thus improving liver detoxication (especially of carcinogens). This effect also boosts the healing process in other liver afflictions.

XAN Extract is also highly effective in enhancing the immune system’s ability to fight inflammations as well as in improving wound healing. Research on plant-based ingredients by the University Hohenheim in 2023 has also shown that XAN Extracts anti-viral properties make it an effective active ingredient to e.g. prevent COVID / SARS-CoV-2 infections.

XAN Extract’s DNA protective effect obviously slows the spread of certain types of cancer. The most motivational discovery, however, has been xanthohumol’s capacity to encapsulate tumour cells and thus inhibit metastases.